Our Team

Hilde De Saedeleir


Hilde De Saedeleir is 53 years old and she is founder and CEO of New Vekama. Beside the general management of the company, Hilde is also responsible for the embroideries.

Elien Mannaert


Elien Mannaert is 25 years old. She is the daughter of Hilde. Since the 1st of Februari 2018 she is a member of our team. As management assistant she is responsible for the daily management of the company. She is also managing the warehouse and she is taking care of the shipments and order preparations.   

Evelien De Vilder


Evelien De Vilder is 35 years and since the 1st of May 2005 a solid member of the team. She is responsible for invoicing and general administration.

Didier Schamp


Didier Schamp is 32 years old and since the 2nd of May 2011 part of our team. He is responsible for shipments, order handling and purchasing.

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